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Outdoor Art in Vienna
Outdoor Art in Vienna


That marvelous organ, the human eye, lets us see subtle relationships in objects we encounter every day.  Photography extends the power of the eye to capture and conceive images while expanding our world view and broadening our frame of awareness.  With new digital equipment, almost anyone can create technically competent photos under a wide range of circumstances; but professionals take the art and craft of photography to a higher level of expression.

Their Photos Engage Us and Tell Stories.

Regardless of genre or stylistic approach, photo-artists have the luxury of versatility in choosing the time and their subject when they draw on the capabilities of the camera, computer and talent to create a work of art.  The photo-artist gives birth to great photography through intimate involvement with the subject to capture the essence of the moment when the shutter clicks.  That click ultimately reveals the dynamic interplay between intrinsic qualities of the subject and the light that selectively illuminates these elements.

Blending photographic opportunity and story development begins spontaneously when I use my camera to isolate and capture a subject in its unique, meaningful moment.  While still there in the field, more intensive examination follows those initially seen views as I explore subtle relationships taking place between the subject and the depth of shadows and patterns of light that paint it.  The interpretive process follows after field-work as I digitally “develop” a limited edition of fine art.  Some days the story behind the photograph emerges during the complexity of image capture; other times it blossoms during the endless iterations of images borne out of post-production; and then sometimes I must wait until naming and framing occur to complete the artistic process and provide your eyes with a strong, visually meaningful piece of photo art.

The result: an artistically crafted visual story that I hope meaningfully resonates with the viewer, revealing both an aesthetically engaging pictorial image and one that evokes perhaps a companion sound, aroma, taste or texture from that same moment.



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